This site is a reference to my freelance work. My parallel career as a corporate employee is fully represented on LinkedIn. Here I’d like to thank all my business partners who worked with me on the projects that comprise my Portfolio and to share some of my favorite web resources via blogroll.  Comments, questions are welcome. Thank you for stopping by!

Why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a way to fund creative projects. Individuals like you back projects they believe in with a pledge, and as a group, the funding is raised to make the project a reality. For me, Kickstarter project is a learning adventure plus I like our charms, hope they will make some people smile.

This campaign is ending on Aug 31


Squirrel And Hedgehog


Squirrel and Hedgehog is a new manufacturer of laser cut and engraved products. It was started by two people who decided to shift their lives from 100% virtual (software development) to real (at home manufacturing). Quality and versatility makes laser cutters a perfect platform for bringing creative ideas into a physical world.

Web Project Summary:

  • responsive html template
  • Mailchimp and Pinterest integration
  • customized php contact form
  • branded Facebook page
  • currently building e-commerce portion of the website and blog

Content, Design, Development – Anthony Cardenuto, Elena Gartshtein.