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Kickstarter campaign is over, now what?

1. Accepting the reality. Squirrel & Hegdehog’s Kickstarter campaign has ended. Nope, we haven’t reached the goal and haven’t become Kickstarter celebrity.

2. Reasons for optimism. We did get “real backers” – people outside of family and friends circle who supported our project.

3. Reasons to be proud. We tried something completely new, way beyond comfort zone. I learned a lot about crowdfunding and online marketing.

4. Cutting emotional losses. This is the hardest part for me. At the beginning of the campaign, I thought that most friends and family members will send us a buck to show support. It was not about the money. Minimum pledge is only $1, yet it would be enough to prove that people I care about wanted me to succeed. It beats me why such proof was needed. To notify everyone in my circles, I sent out emails and posted on my personal facebook timeline. No responses followed.

Only some people whom I got a chance to talk to personally have become backers. It felt like too much work. It felt like i have to explain myself to friends and family. It felt like it’s not fair. In short, Kickstarter triggered trivial emotional pitfall – unrealistic expectations leading to disapointment and resentment. Not cool.

5. Moving on. The reality is that 90% of friends and family had no idea about Kickstarter and how it works. Lets face it, just a few months ago, I didn’t know about it myself. So there we go – that explains the lack of enthusiasm. That plus the Kickstarter’s limitation that in order to become a backer, one must create an account and link it to an Amazon account. Many people don’t like to create extra accounts, and, surprisingly, many don’t use Amazon (how DO they shop?! :-))

6. Feeling greateful. To all backers and to people who provided constructive feedback in conversations, via email, Kickstarter comments, our website and Facebook PageBIG THANK YOU!

7. Practical lessons learned. Still processing… may need to blog separately about it. There is something to be said about a marketing company who created our facebook ad. A couple of weeks ago, I shared our experience on this forum.

8. Now what? Squirrel & Hedgehog online shop is live on Etsy. Stay tuned for more products – we are actively working on it.

Why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a way to fund creative projects. Individuals like you back projects they believe in with a pledge, and as a group, the funding is raised to make the project a reality. For me, Kickstarter project is a learning adventure plus I like our charms, hope they will make some people smile.

This campaign is ending on Aug 31